Softmod with Krayzie UXE installer

New Watch Softmod Video On Google Video

Slowed Down Version OF Install softmod Video

Krayzie UXE installer Is the new guy in Auto Softmodding and I have to say one
of the Best Damn Installers I have used And trust me I have used a lot

you can find Krayzie Uxe Installer on Mirc Efnet #Xbins FTP
/XBOX/exploits/_Packages/Krayzie Uxe Installer

Now getting started – this Installer is Very Very Easy and work with

007 Agent Under Fire
splinter cell

The installer only works on live enabled dashboards
There must be a live option present when you turn on the Xbox without a game
If this is not the case the dashboard can be upgraded with a live enabled game

if your going to use 007 you must first Start a mission then Quit then Load
a Mission if you don’t do that all you’ll see is a black screen when trying to load a mission


If your going to use SC you well need to transfer over save 1 to Memcard then to Xbox then transfer Save 2 to Memcard then Xbox

What you well need

-(AR) ActionReplay
-8mb memory card
-007 Agent Under Fire or MechAssault or splinter cell (can NOT be Platinum Versions)
for this Tut I am using 007

Step 1

extract the Krayzie_007_UXE_Installer_Dutch-English_v2.8

in Krayzie_007_UXE_Installer_Dutch-English_v2.8\007 save
you well see a Zip called UDATA drag and drop that in to the AR program
Now here is where it may mess-up on you the New AR Memcards have a program on
them that take up space
if you have one of them you well need to make the UDATA smaller you can do this
by extracting the UDATA to a folder and then
delete the Skins.rar witch is in UDATA\4541000d\000000000000\files\
now just remake the .Zip and drag and drop to AR

Step 2

take the Memcard and put in Xbox game pad now
turn on Xbox without a game in it
Copy game save to HDD now turn off Xbox

Step 3

turn on Xbox with tray open put game in soon as Xbox loads up the game
go Load the Save game just like any other game save Now you should see the Krayzie Dash

step 4
Make sure Pick Backup Eeprom in the Krayzie UXE installer Before Backing up C: and E: to PC

go to English
then go to Settings’ Setup Ip so you can get FTP (Back up C: and E: and the eeprom.bin)
(To get a eeprom.bin you’ll have to click on Backup eeprom on the Installer Dash)

If ip does not show or not connected
Hold down L+R+Start+Back it will then soft boot you should now se ip in the button right

Step 5

Installing – I am not going to List what you got to do Next cuz it just that Easy from this point on.
(when it comes to this part)


Do step 1 first ETC ETC ETC then all done now you have a Softmoded Xbox

when it ask you witch to put on .67 or .06 if you are going to Put a Big HDD in
like a 200g pick .67 if your just using stock HDD or a 120g HDD pick .06
Really i would just pick .67 just so later on you can install a 200g if need be

Now the Real fun Begins after you got the softmod installed Load the
Krayzie game save from the Game Again now you well see some Goodies
Like Dual booting or DVDX etc etc

+ you can even Turn Off or On the Softmod =)

Or have it load a Dif .xbe when you trun on your Xbox with
tray Open like a Dash or Emu etc etc etc