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About Softmod Depot

Welcome to the Soft Mod Depot - Our goal here isn't to make money. And it certainly isn't to break the law. Everything we do here is legal and done voluntarily. As far as pirating games goes... we'll pass thank you. The reason this site was created is to help those who would like a little assistance modifying their Xbox... cheaply (aka - for free). While we totally support the use of Mod Chips, we understand that not everyone has the money or ability to purchase and install one. So that brings us here.

While there are a small handful of things you cannot do with a Soft Mod - you'll be surprised to find that the possibilities are far beyond what you'll probably need to accomplish. Everything you need to soft mod can be found on this site, from the actual software needed, to tutorials that guide you thru step by step. Not to mention the free support we offer via our online chat. Everything we know is from personal experience. You will not be able to find a site with a more knowledgeable group of Xbox enthusiasts experienced with Softmods. So with that said.. Let's get it on. Softmodding that is.


SoftMod Depot was created in 2005 by a small group of Xbox enthusiasts who had a passion for modding. We congregated together scratching our heads pondering the best ways to mod our Xbox's without taking them apart. When suddenly we stumbled upon sites such as Xbox Linux which taught a new way of thinking. Software Modification of the Xbox. This was the holy grail we were looking for. After extensive research and forethought, we decided to pool our resources and make a home of our own dedicated to the Softmodding of Xbox's. We had learned much and after all, what good is knowledge if you cant bestow it to the masses?

With a well over a year under our belt, this site has grown by leaps and bounds. Every month since its inception, thousands of new visitors have come and learned the art of Softmodding. And very pridefully we add - FREE OF CHARGE. You'll find something here you will not find on any other Modding website, or any site with forums period. Knowledgeable moderators who are more than willing to help even the noobish of visitors. Part of why we made this site was out of utter disgust for sites such as X***-S****.com and so many other like it. We were sick of asking questions and being told to shove it, Google it, etc. We wouldn't have been there had we not needed the help. So here you have it, all the help you'll ever need for modding your Xbox, for free, under one site. Its a beautiful thing.

Now with the dawn of a new age, we have expanding our modding skills and resources to all consoles. Old and New. We are proud to present you with a comprehensive website dedicated to console modding. Softmodding, Hardmodding, Firmware Hacking, the list goes on. We do it all. Please enjoy your stay and feel free to contribute. If you'd like to join the team, let someone know. We're always looking for new talent to add to this rapidly growing website.