The Death Of Softmod Wii

Is Soft modding on the Wii Going to Die? Some Thank so!

OK so with the New Update 3.5 Out (Korea only right now) they block the TW hack =( sad i know But it was going to happen some day BUT thats not the Worse thing to happen as That could have Some how gotten Bypassed maybe =)

To really Kill off Soft modding on the Wii Is the New system wii’s have a Block on the boot1.
Some Users on the Net Think that No modified boot2 will not run on the New Wii’s BUT i think that’s a lot of Bull =P or at best i am hoping they are wrong.

everyone is saying that there will be No fix or way around it.

Right Now there is only about 10-15% of the Wii’s Out there that Are new and with the New Boot1 So you can still Buy a New Wii and hack it with a Softmod Unless your Very Unlucky and get one of them Wii’s =/

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