XBOXHDM – Making 1 CD For Many Harddrives!

Taken from Softmod Depot’s Forums. Original Tutorial is located here

You will need

* CD-R

* CD burner

* Nero

* Xboxhdm 1.9

Step 1: Making the Xboxhdm 1.9 Boot CD

Open xboxhdm, go into the “Linux” folder
Copy all the C files into the “C” folder in xboxhdm
Copy all the E files into the “E” folder in xboxhdm
Leave the eeprom folder empty ( this is so you can use this cd more than just once )
Put the “eeprom.bin” on a floppy disk for that harddrive.

Go back to the main directory in xboxhdm and run “make-iso-win” ( this will create a bootable Xboxhdm iso for Linux )
Let this process finish, the more you have on the cd, the longer it will take. ( try to do the bare minimum on gamesaves )
Once this is finished, Open Nero and burn this file to a CD as an Image. ( you can use a cdr, cdrw, dvd, dvdrw )

Step 2: Setting Up The Hardware

Remove the harddrive from the xbox and check the jumper, usually it will be on CS ( cable select )
If it is on CS, leave it there. If not set it to CS and plug the computers power cable & Master Ide cable.
Unplug all computer harddrives, leave only the xbox harddrive pluged in.
Set the computers Bios to AUTO on the master that the xbox harddrive is on.
Also set the comptuer to boot from CD first.
**( some computers are picky, try different settings on the bios to find what works for your computer, my computer has to be set to “NONE”, and Linux finds the harddrive once xboxhdm boots up. )**

Step 3: Booting Linux and unlocking/locking the harddrive

Put the xboxhdm CD in the CD drive, reboot the computer.
Now Xboxhdm will load, you will have 4 choices
Press “3” to goto the locking/unlocking tools.
Type “unlockhd -a” this is to unlock the harddrive, the -a is for autosearch
Pop in the floppy disk with the eeprom.bin on it and choose “1” for floppy disk
The harddrive is now unlocked!
Type “reboot” to reboot

Step 4: Rebuilding The Harddrive

When xboxhdm boots up this time choose option “1”
Type “xboxhd” for a menu of tools to help you build your harddrive and more.
Find what you’re looking for in the menu and type the number
Build a new harddrive from scratch is the most common
This will copy the “C” & “E” folders off your xboxhdm CD!
Type “8” to quit once it’s finished
Type “reboot” to reboot

Step 5: Locking The Harddrive

Just like step 3 load the locking/unlocking tools
Now type Lockhd -a “this locks the harddrive”
Put the floppy disk in and choose “1” again for floppy disk
It will now lock the harddrive with the same eeprom as before.
Type “poweroff” to ….. yup power off

Plug your xbox harddrive back up to your xbox and put your computer back to normal.

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Tutorial by: B00ST