Softmod Old School v1.0

Taken from Softmod Depot’s Forums. Original Tutorial is located here

[This is Just for Fun] you do this at your Own risk

OK this is for a Xbox V1.0 without a Xbox live UPdate thats what i have and thats what this is for,
(note i don’t know if this works for 1.2-1.5)  But trying is half the fun =)

If you don’t have a v1.0 get a auto installer you can fine them every where.
if you don’t have Mirc go download it you well need it

(Softmoding should take around 30mins or less)

(Note I am not going in to how to hook up your router as that should have been done befor hand)

you need FILES lots of them well.. not really, Just.

you can find them all on Mirc  server Efnet channel #Xbins   or

ernie_and_bert_reloaded (maynot be on Xbins)
EvolutionX Build 3935

Hardware you well need

Action Replay with 8Mb memcard
007 Agent Under Fire (Can not be Platinum Version)
Xbox v1.0
Router with network cables
computer with windows

1.)  OK fist things frist take 007_With_Evox_Installer_PLUS and extract it to  Desktop Make a New Folder Called UDATA put 4541000d folder in UDATA folder now Zip the UDATA folder (must be zip not rar) ok thats all done with that.

2.) Now put your 8Mb memcard in AR and connect to PC open AR software and transfer over (will take some time).

3.) take 8Mb Memcard and put in Xbox gamePad start xbox put in (007 Agent Under Fire) in game go to load save game.

4.) now you should see EVOX as your xboxdash, now comes Ftping with Evox you can use Explorer to ftp to your xbox If you don’t Have a Ftp program

5.) on the dash you should see a Ip  thats the xbox’s ip use that to ftp to it open Explorer and type ftp://xbox:xbox@ <–my xbox ip,
or in ftp program User: Xbox   Pass: Xbox url/ip:  (x) is whatever your xbox ip is,
if you did not get a connection you’ll have to open evox.ini and set static ip to no, evox.ini is in udata/4541000d/000000000000 after changeing you’ll have to remake the .zip and copy that one over to the Xbox.

6.) In evox go to system and Make Backup

7.) ok now we are looking at 6 folders  C: D: E: and X: Y: Z: (Frist Make a BACKUP of C:) copy the hole folder to your PC if you do not back your C: and anything goes wrong well… your fucked!! now some ppl would say backup E: too but the thing is… that your not going to **** with that anyway But if you will fill happyer with backing it up, go for it. Make sure to backup
your eeprom.bin look in
make sure not to use the one in C:/backup

8.) This is where the softmoding takes place, frist copy over (ernie.xtf and bert.xtf) to the C: on your xbox (they are in the zip called ernie_and_bert_reloaded_ now in your Xbox C: rename Two files
Xbox book.xtf rename to Xbox book.xft
Xbox.xtf rename to Xbox.xft

9.) now copy over all files in Signed_Phoenix_Bios_Loader_V1.3 to C: on your Xbox HDD

10.) Restart your Xbox (if done right) you Now have a softmoded Xbox But we are not done yet.

11.) Extract EvolutionX Build to C: on your xbox (note you can delete Trainers Now…. you are done =) have fun

Note!!! you well need to make 2 folders in E:
Apps and Games


Tutorial by:  zzk2001