How To Make A New Xbox HDD Without Installing Softmod

Taken from Softmod Depot’s Forums. Original Tutorial is located here

Very Easy…..
make sure your HDD works with the Xbox First

if your going to start off with a Bigger HDD and not use stock HDD then this is just for you

Stuff you will need

1.-(AR) ActionReplay
-8mb memory card
Or Home Made AR with AR software

2. 007 Agent Under Fire or MechAssault or splinter cell (can NOT be Platinum Versions)

3. xboxhdm 1.9

4. Torx 10 And Torx 20 Screwdrivers – To Open XBOX

5. A Spare/Blank PC Hardrive (Can be anything from 10 GB to 500 GB a FULL 400g can be set On F: (.06) with Krayzie Ndure or Krayzie UXE
6. FTP Program (FlashFXP. AceFTP, SmartFTP etc.)

7. Krayzie Ndure or Krayzie UXE installer

8. A blank CD-R/W, DVD-R/W and A CD/DVD Burner

Ok now you have what you need first thing you do is get your eeprom.bin from the Xbox
that’s where the Krayzie UXE installer comes in

Load Krayzie UXE installer Or Krayzie Ndure on to (AR) 8Mb card then copy to Xbox HDD
load the Game you are Using and load save

Now Backup eeprom when done you’ll need to Set up FTP by going to Settings
For DHCP it is easy just set DHCP and save for Static its a little harder
use this Tut for static

*note* if you do not see ip in button right Conner just do a Soft reboot by Holding down

ok now you have FTP connect to xbox

username: xbox
password: xbox
url/ip : <—somethen like that
Port: 21

soon as you are connected, copy C: And E: to PC HDD Now you are Done with the Xbox for Now Shut down Xbox.

Now you need to Make your XboxHDm CD extracted to Pc desktop
now Open xboxhdm folder in there you will see
Linux folder put C: and E: in the Linux Dir
put eeprom.bin in the eeprom Dir, (Note) eeprom.bin can be found in /E/backup/

now Click on make-iso-win.bat to make the Iso this will take some time
Now just Burn Iso on a CD-R/W or DVD-R/W

Set New HDD To Cable Select put in PC On Master cable
(note Master cable should be on one of your CD drives if you
use only one cd drive set Cd drive on Slave cable and HDD on Master cable)

boot Pc and Go to Bios you can do this by pressing Del key or F1
Make sure HDD is set on Master Cable and set it to User Not Auto
now save and exit

Load XboxHDm Cd that you made
you will see a list of options
pick option 1

a lot of words and numbers will go By then you’ll come to a New screen

Type xboxhd hit Enter

Now pick option 1 (Build HDD )

this will take some time just keep typing yes
format F: yes so on so on

when done reboot by typing reboot or power off

now load Xboxhdm cd agin this time pick
option 3

type lockhd -a

only takes like 10secs now shut down PC and take HDD out

you’ll Need to Open Xbox with the Torx 10 And Torx 20 Screwdrivers
and put New Xbox HDD in and turn on Xbox And Done you now Have a Stock Xbox HDD to install Softmod on New HDD just use this Tut.


Tutorial by:  zzk2001