How To Get The New Halo 2 Maps To Load w/o XBL

Taken from Softmod Depot’s Forums. Original Tutorial is located here

Just like the title says I will make a tutorial on how to get the extra maps on halo2 with out
xbox live or the halo map cd so if you get the extra maps from your friends
xbox you could play the maps as long as you have halo2 on your hdd and then
when you do this you could put in into a blank dvd and play it as a copy to put
halo2 in your stock hdd just remove the files Blink and the maps with numbers
on the front

Step 1 get these files here (this is the add_new_maps_to_main_menu.rar) and here (this is what you need to patch you main menu)

Step 2 Open up Serenity v3.2 or 3.1 go to the APPLY section

Step 3 For patch file click the 3 dots next to it and load your serenity file.

Step 4 Then for output and source map do the same map that your going to apply the patch to but load your map from halo2

Step5 Example: I have snipers in the mist.serenity on my desktop with the file. I would open up serenity and put snipers in the mist.serenity in the patch area and in BOTH output and source file

Step 6. FTP to your xbox

Step 7 now you put your maps in e/games/halo2/maps and you put all your maps that are in the TDATA in your halo2 map folder load halo2 and enjoy your new maps

Applying maps with Superppf

Step 1 Get superppf from :

Step 2 If using a SPPF patch open up Super PPF

Step 3 On the bottom two lines you see Map File and Patch File.

Step 4 For the patch file simply find you SPPF patch you download from your modding website

Step 5 Then for the Map File put the map the corosponds with the patch then click apply patch

Step 6 FTP to xbox

The only reason that i am doing this tutorial is so that people that dont
know what to do could enjoy the extra maps that xbox live has to give
you when you sign up with xbox live so enjoy and so people that have dialup
could enjoy playing new maps

If it dont work for some reason
#1. Put the new maps into the E:\Games\Halo2\maps folder
#2. Disable the autoupdate
there is a problem with this new map main menu patch…. most of it works… but i couldnt get terminal to load. After looking into it some more, i found that you named the scenario: scenarios\multi\terminal\terminal…. when it actually should have been named: scenarios\multi\triplicate\triplicate…. you might want to fix that…. otherwise nice job.
You could just open the mainmenu map in Dothalo and go to the matg tag and find foundation, map number 13 maybe? and just click unlocked.


Tutorial by: infamousedice