Creating A USB To Xbox Cable

Taken from Softmod Depot’s Forums. Original Tutorial is located here

Hey everyone, here’s another way to get around the whole action replay thing when softmodding. this tut shows how to make ur own USB to Xbox cable so that u can hook up memory devices, USB lights, and many things that run via USB and linux.

– 1 Xbox breakaway cable (its the cable that usually comes with orig XB controllers, but u should get a seperate one)
i bought one for $5 at EB games, worth it IMO, but if u cant find these cords anywhere, u can find them HERE for $2.50.
the ends look like this:

– USB female

1) cut breakaway in half and strip about an inch off the wire so that it looks like this.

2) solder wires onto USB female. (do not solder the yellow wire as it is useless)

3) tape up USB female end so that wires are covered and the end is rigid enough to withstand breakage.
the end result should look something like this:

If you are lookin to make a Xbox to USB adapter, Zzk2001 has a great tut online –> LINK


after u have created the cable, u may use it to softmod.

– USB flashdrive (the bigger memory the better)
– the cable u just created
– Action Replay software (download from HERE)

Note: for the USB Flash drive, the Xbox will first erase all of its contents, so make sure to remove anything that you cannot afford to loose. also, not all drives will work. just a fair warning.

1) hook up USB flashdrive to the cable and connect cable to xbox (controller port 1)
2) in the Xbox dashboard, select Memory. You may get a message that the memory card could not be read and was erased. That is ok, and means it was recognized. You should see your controller listed on the memory screen
3) you can now use ur USB flashdrive to softmod, to do so follow this great tut by ZZk2001. Click here —> LINK.
Keep in mind: that the tut by Zzk2001 calls for the action replay 8MB Xbox mem card, u however are using the USB flashdrive.

Now for the most important step, i cannot stress how crucial this one is…
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and thats it, good luck.


Tutorial by: skip2mylou