Backing Up Your Xbox Games Onto A DVD-R Using Qwix and Alcohol 120%

Taken from Softmod Depot’s Forums. Original Tutorial is located here.

Backing up your games using Qwix and Alcohol 120%We at don’t take responsibility if you burn illegal disc, you are to only back up the games you own and if you get caught burning illegal disc, well that’s your fault.

Things needed:
Modded Xbox
Alcohol 120 (What I’m using for this tutorial), Nero, DVD Decrypter, or a Xiso program.
And be Ftp to your Xbox, Note: If you don’t know how to ftp, learn how or don’t try this.
DVD Burner
DVD-R Disc

Step 1: Start up your Xbox and go into the dashboard (evox, unleashx, etc) not the M$ dashboard. (I’m using Evox)

Step 2: When on the Evox dashboard open your disc tray up and put in your Xbox game and close it.

Step 3: Open up Qwix on your computer.

Step 4: On the left hand side of Qwix you will see a button that says “Create Iso�, click that.

Step 5: Hit the Ftp Folder and then hit the browse button (…)

Step 6:  You can either do two choices here; either copy the game directly from your DVD drive or from your hard drive.

If you are going to copy from your DVD drive then select the D drive folder and hit the OK button at the bottom. Select the game where your game folder is located and press the OK button at the bottom.
Note that Unleashx doesn’t show let the D drive show up in Qwix if you’re using this step.

If you are copying from your Xbox hard drive then browse and go to your games folder, mine is the E drive. Note that Unleashx doesn’t show let the D drive show up in Qwix if you’re using this step.

Step 7: There is a box with Auto Cross link next to it, check the box off and then click create iso.

Step 8:  I suggest here that you go create a new folder on your desktop or somewhere like my documents and name it the name of the game. On step 7 after hitting create iso you can locate it to this folder and save it and make sure it is in .iso format.

Step 9: After it is done click ok.

Step 10: Now go to Alcohol 120 and open it up.

Step 11: After opening Alcohol 120% up, open up your game folder and drag the .iso file into the top white box.

Step 12: In Alcohol 120% highlight the file and then on the left hand side click the Image Burning Wizard, note it’s the second icon down.

Step 13: In the top make sure your file is there, if not click browse and find your game and then double click it. Hit the next button at the bottom.

Step 14: At this time I would pop in the DVD-R into my DVD burner.

Step 15: You can change the write speed if you want; I prefer putting mine at 3.0X, check off the box that is next to “Write� if it isn’t already. You should be able to leave everything else alone and then you can press the start button. Note: The time it takes depends on the speed you picked, the game size, and the computer you’re using.

Step 16: Wait for it to finish and usually your DVD drive pops open, now you can play your back up game on your Xbox.


Tutorial by: Dwheelz