Adding & Using EvoX Trainers

Taken from Softmod Depot’s Forums. Original Tutorial is located here

Adding & Using EvoX Trainers

(1) Get some  .ETM  files
(2) FTP to your xbox
(3) Go to C:\Trainers or if your Xbox is softmodded go to E:\Dashboard
(4) Transfer your new .etm files into the trainers folder
(5) Use the EvoX dashboard and select the “Trainers” option
(6) Select the trainer, then choose the cheats
(7) /\fter confirming put the game in the DVD rom or choose it off the hard drive
(Cool Play.

also some trainers are .Xbe files
to make these trainers work you must:
(1) Manually choose the .Xbe – this means using file explorer and going to  C:/Trainers  and clicking on the .Xbe
(2) Once you click on the .Xbe file it will give you a cheat menu, select your cheats.
(3) Follow the instructions on playing the game off the HDD or DVD and select your type.
(4) Play.

Some trainers have “IGK” ( In Game Key )
IGK means you can turn on or off the trainer while you’re playing
Every game has a different IGK, in the cheat menu it will tell you the IGK


Tutorial by: B00ST