Softmod PSP (Loaders)

(Note) YOU MUST HAVE A v1.00 Or v1.50 PSP TO USE LOADERS v2.0 Psps Can downgrade
Some 2.50/2.60 Users Can Downgrade As Well

What Is A Loader — Loaders are the Apps you use to Load UMDs/ISOs on your psp MemStick

Where Can I Get Them

Which Loader Is The Best — DevHook v0.44 But you should still Get Emulator v0.8C + MPH loader for GTA.iso

Why Do I Need Emulator v0.8C + MPH loader for GTA.iso — GTA.iso is alittle laggy with DevHook But the UMD runs just fine Unknow about Why this happens

How Do I Istall The Loaders — Most Loaders Come With A ReadMe But For The Most Part It Stays The Same

Copy The Folder/%Folder to /®:PSP/Games

(Note) ®: Is For Your PSP Root Dir It Can Be From G: to I: Most Of The Time It’s G: F: H: Or I:

Names Of Loaders

With New DevHook close to every Game is playable

There Is a New DevHook v0.46 But this version has you Flash your psp So i would Not Use this version Stay with v0.44
Note: i was Told you can use this WithOut Flashing So Try it Out and see if you like IT I am still staying with v0.44 as there is No Need to Update Yet… But i am sure here Soon there will be a need to update

DevHook Update v0.44 with 2.71 fw (the only thing you Need) Or

DAX ZISO Loader – (still Buggy) don’t need it

UMD Emulator v0.8C – The Frist loader made and can load Meay games

RunUMD – Works Very Well (But does not load all games)

MPH Game Loader – The frist to Load 2.0 fw Games