How To Use DevHook

(((MUST HAVE A PSP v1.50)))

Well i have seen Alot of ppl haveing a Hard time getting DevHook to Work so i had to make a “HOW TO”

(Note) Isos Go in the ISO folder On root Of Memstick If you Do Not have a ISO folder Make One
(Note) You Must Have a Game UMD Not a Movie UMD to Load a ISO

How To Install —

1. Download a Full version Copy of DevHook (Full Version comes with framware)

2. Extracted DevHook from .rar and copy to PSP Memstick

Frist Copy DH folder to the Root Of memstick

Will look like This

Now Copy %__SCE__DH_ENG and __SCE__DH_ENG Folders to PSP>Games Folder

Will take Very little time

Thats it for Getting it On there. Now For Loading it Up and Setting the Settings

How To Set The Settings —

1. Load DevHook from PSP Memstick (Note) when it boots It May Go in to a Auto Load, Push O to stop It Befor it Auto Loads

2. Going Down the Line Of the Settings (Note) O And X are switched Meaning O is your accept and X is you Decline

UMD SELECT – your ISo you want to Load

UMD MOUNT – ISO ANYUMD to Load your ISOs, Or UMD DISC to Load your Real UMDS

UMD VERSION – 2.xx –> 2.00


CPU CLOCK – 222hmz “”Booting At 333mhz with UMD in PSP will crash PSP”””
Easy way to Fix This Is Set 333mhz and Load with NO UMD in PSP then when XMB comes up just put in your UMD and PLay your laoded ISO =)


Now scroll Up to START and if you have UMD OUT of PSP it will Boot to 2.71 XMB Now Put in UMD and PLay your Game

you can Switch from the ISOs you have on your Memstick By Holding down HOME and pushing R or L In the XMB

“you Don’t Need to Set anything Up in OTHER”