2.71 TA-082 PSP -to- 3.02 oe-b PSP

Taken from Softmod Depot’s Forums. Original Tutorial is located here.

Ok well I have seen the questions and hopefully this will answer all of your questions =D


AT LEAST 75% battery (90+ to be safe)
formatted MS
2.71 TA-082 psp
1. Download the easy installer:

2. Extract archive.

You will get these files….


3. format Memory Stick and restore the psp to defualt settings.

4.run the installer and it will install everything on to your MS including HEND.

5. When it’s done installing Start the psp and go to pictures and load HEND —> IT MAY NOT load the first time so restart and try again. Make sure you have no UMD inserted when doing this!

6. Once its loaded (the psp will restart automaticly –> this means it loaded HEND) go to GAME in the XMB and load/start idstoragechange.

(this program just changes some keys ^^)

7. Once this program is done and loads your XMB again, go back to the GAME menu an you will see your Generic downgrader called “Update X.YX”
Load/start this.

8.This will now install the 1.5 FW onto your psp. when its done it should ask you to press “x” were it will restart the psp an you will get a error.
Simple press “o”
If you get a black screen on restart and can hear the sound hit the black light button on the psp it should resolve the problem
Enter your information and voila, 1.5 FW!

1.50 – 3.02 OEB

1. Download and decompress 3.02 OE-A




2. Copy the directories oeupdmaker and oeupdmaker% to /PSP/GAME/

3. Download the 1.50 Upgrade Eboot, name it “150.PBP”, and put it in the oeupdmaker folder




4. Download the 3.02 Upgrade Eboot, name it “302.PBP”, and put it in the oeupdmaker folder.




5. On your PSP, run the 3.02 OE-A Update Maker program. This program will create a file called DATA.DXAR in the same directory (oeupdmaker), which it will then automatically verify. IT TAKES A WHILE SO BE PATIENT

6. Copy the directories 302oeflasher and 302oeflasher% to /PSP/GAME

7. Move the generated DATA.DXAR from oeupdmaker to 302oeflasher directory.

8. On your PSP, run the 3.02 OE-A Firmware Install program. If your battery is less than 75%, the program will show the error saying so and will return you to the XMB. This check can be by passed at your own risk by running the program with triangle and L pressed.

9. The program will display an agreement. Press X to accept and flash the custom firmware. Don’t shutdown the PSP and don’t remove the memory stick until the update is finished.

10. Once finished, shutdown the psp and restart manually to 3.02 OE

How to update 3.02 OE-A to 3.02 OE-B

1. Download and decompress 3.02 OE-B – Here

2. Copy the directory OEB_UPDATE to /PSP/GAME150/

3. On your PSP, run the 3.02 OE-B Update program. It won’t take long to update, and should finish within 10 seconds


Tutorial by: Art2Fly