How To Copy Dreamcast Games To CD

Taken from Softmod Depot’s Forums. Original Tutorial is located here.

When downloading games make sure to get .cdi

Ok I am makeing this cuz I lost a good 15 CDs trying to get (backup/copied) DreamCast games running on my DreamCast and I don’t want you to do the same…

First you need a program called (Padus DiscJuggler) this program is for burning your .cdi

Ok in DiscJuggler go to Tools > Options  click on pre-Mastering Tab Where it says Data CD type.  Pick Mode 1
click Ok (make sure to write/verify)

Things you Must DO!!!!

Set writing speed to 4x (Note: 8x works but it’s buggy) with 8x you may need to power off and back on DC to get Disk working

If Game name is  like this  E-MVSCAP.CDI . You Must Lower case it to: e-mvscap.cdi  (lost 2CDs cuz that s**t)
+ if game is spaced apart like  ( DOA 2 + Power stone 2.cdi ). Name it to doa2powerstone2.cdi or somethen like d2p2.cdi . Try not to have space’s or any (“+_-.,/*&#@) signs in the name this could cause the CD not to load. If you download a game and it is Over 700mb  don’t have a cow  you can fit it on a 700MB CD (The Dummy Data on the .cdi makes it look Bigger then it is). If you Are Downloading your Games and Burning to CD  Most rips are SelfBoot  (As in you don’t need a BootCD)

Make sure to power DC off then put copied CD in DC then close door and power ON

(NOTE) if DiscJuggler says CD may have errors on it, try to fix? Say NO


Tutorial by: zzk2001