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PS3 Hacked?…Maybe?

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

OK so i hear the PS3 has been Hacked, Not like… We have a loader for ISOs or anything like that yet BUT someone HAS gotten pasted the locks and in the system and HAS dumped it, all that’s left to be done is making the Software or Custom software like with the PSP.
I man from Ipod hacking has done it “So he says” lets just Hope it’s true

I have read/write access to the entire system memory, and HV level access to the processor. In other words, I have hacked the PS3. The rest is just software. And reversing. I have a lot of reversing ahead of me, as I now have dumps of LV0 and LV1. I’ve also dumped the NAND without removing it or a modchip.

What will come of this?
-PS3 backups running on the PS3 HDD?
-Emulators like N64 running at 100%?
-Linux or Windows running the FULL power of the PS3?
Who knows…. But it’s fun to think about it.

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The Blue Rock

Monday, December 1st, 2008

    The So Called Blue Tool Is no more then a Blue Rock.
  • Dark Alex himself says that the Blue Tool Will NOT work And at best will change the 3000 PSP into a TA-088v3 PSP as the IPL still needs to be Hacked.
    1. (Dark-Alex)
      it’s confirmed that this over exalted batter will leave 3K at least like the 88v3, just with a flashing light, a black screen and nothing but that LED indicator, as we announced.


      Therefore, that (strange blue colored) battery won’t work for you, instead “someone” makes a bypass for the preIPL thing that Dark_AleX explained. (Considering that the preIPL on the 3K has the same security) Looks like Datel was hoping that Dark_AleX hacked it, so only their battery could be available for the hacking process. Bad luck, guys.

  • In short… DO NOT BUY THE BLUE TOOL, it will NOT hack your 3000 PSP.
  • PSP 3000 Has issues

    Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

      Well, I’ll be damned… As complaints about the PSP-3000 screen’s interlacing issues pile up at the PlayStation forums, all Sony had to say was that they were “looking into it.”While everyone’s waiting for a response from Sony U.S., the folks at Engadget have gotten word from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan. The SCEJ representative that contacted them, in Engadget’s words, noted that:

    the interlacing-like lines are just “features” of the new LCD, and currently, there are no plans to fix it with a future software update since it is in the hardware.

      They’re… what? Features? Not a very keen feature, if that’s the case. Nevertheless, a serious question is now posed: are you willing to put up with scanlines on your screen for Pandora glory care of DAX and the TA-090? Buying a PSP-3000 now requires serious thinking, it seems.

    PSP CFW 3.90 M33-2

    Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

    Dark_AleX just released PSP CFW 3.90 M33-2, and we all know that 3.90M33 was really buggy, but now thanks to Dark_AleX the new update should fix all toughs problems; just one more step to perfection.


    – Improvements in plugins loading code:

    * Fixed some problems with problematic cards due to filesystem not mounted.
    * Now plugins should read the faster.
    * Problem fixed with lines with spaces at the end.

    – Added the rest of regions to the recovery option fakeregion.

    – (PSP SLIM): Added patches in nand ipl to allow Booster multiiplloader and TimeMachine iplloader to boot from nand.

    Note: only 3.90 M33-2 and higher can be booted from nand in slim with those ipl loaders,
    not official Sony firmwares or previous versions of M33.

    Changes in updater:

    – The 3.90 eboot downloading code is now more stable, no more freezes after selecting AP
    – Memory stick write in the 3.90 downloading code is delayed the maximum possible for faster operation
    (the system prefers big chunks of data written at once).

    Remember you can still pick up the updates off the web site, or via WiFi connection through the Network update off the PSP, all thanks to CFW



    CFW 3.90M33
    CFW UPDATE 3.90M33-2
    In our files section of PSP->CustomFirmwares_Loaders

    PSP CFW 3.90 M33 OUT

    Thursday, January 31st, 2008


    Yes, thats right no sooner did Sony let out its newest FW 3.90, that Dark_AleX was able to do the same with CFW 3.90 M33. Remember Sony FW has Skype for PSP Slim users ONLY, its seams that our Fat friends don’t have the ram to handle that application just yet. But I sence some how, it will be enabled for our fat PSP’s from our good friend Dark_AleX. And don’t forget, that since CFW 3.80 M33 has the ability to Network Update stright from the PSP, through Dark_AleX’s web site, a very sweet new feature.

    And for us Fat PSP users, Dark_AleX has released 1.50 Kernal addon for 3.90 M33. (Dubble Sweet)

    3.90 M33 changes:

    • March33 NO UMD: fixed (yet another) bug related with exiting with home. (infinite semaphore wait)
    • M33 Network updater (stright updates from

    M33 Updater changes:

    • The degeneration check and correction of IDS keys happens too in 3.71 now.
    • Added code to download 3.90 PBP from net via wifi. Note that his code is not yet 100% stable, it may crash when selecting AP. In that case, re-init the installer.
    • L+triangle has been restored as method to bypass battery. If you already have 390.PBP keep those buttons pressed until you see “Veryfing 390.PBP”. If the 390.PBP is being downloaded via Wi-Fi, press those buttons at the end of download until you see the previous sentence.

    CFW 3.90 M33 | CFW 3.90 M33-1.50 Kernal Addon (FAT’s ONLY) | Sony 3.90 FW



    PSP CFW 3.80M-33-5 Update!

    Sunday, January 20th, 2008

    PSP CFW 3.80M33-5

    Get it while its hot, Dark_AleX released a new CFW update for 3.80 M33.

    3.80 M33-5 Changes/Fixes:

    • Fixed custom CPU clock not working in games
    • CPU clock has never (in any SE/OE/M33) be set at all in games that restarted using sceKernelLoadExec to use a subgame or reload themselves, after said restart happened (e.g. Castlevania). Fixed.
    • Added setting to recovery to hide PIC0.PNG and PIC1.PNG in the XMB game menu. By default off, when on you will probably notice a faster browse in XMB games. This setting only applies to any kind of apps/games (pbp, iso) that load from MS, but not to UMD’s.


    M33-5 Update | CFW 3.80 M-33


    PSP CFW 3.80 M33-4 + PopsLoaderv2 Released!

    Thursday, January 17th, 2008


    Dark_AleX has released PSP CFW M33-4 with the new and improved PopsLoader v2! Its a small change but none the least it’s worth it, so we can all enjoy are PSX games once again!

    3.80 M33-4 Addon:

  • galaxy.prx was changed to a new version that is giving problems with slow memory sticks. Reverted back to previous versions. This didn’t only affect decrypted isos running in NP9660 mode.
  • 3.80 M33-3 Bugfixes/Changes:

    • Fixed synchronization issue that plugins check code caused in PSN NP9660 original games (fixes 0x80010013 error)
    • Added a couple of libs to the nids resolver.
    • Added some internal changes required by incoming 3.80 popsloader plugin.

    CFW 3.80 M33 | CFW 3.80 M33-4 | CFW 3.80 PopsLoader v2


    PSP Custom Firmware 3.80 M33 Released!+Update

    Monday, January 14th, 2008


    Dark-AleX has released PSP Custom Firmware 3.80 M33. But he has also just released an update with the following bug fixes

    • Function scePowerGetClockFrequency / scePowerGetClockFrequencyInt was not resolved properly due to confusion between two nids applying to the same function. Fixed, this update is necessary for plugins and kernel homebrew reporting PSP CPU speed.
    • PSX EBOOT.PBP that have an icon of 80×80 pixels will not be replaced by Dracula icon in savedata.

    In order for you to install this update you’ll need to have CFW 3.52 M33-3 Or higher.


    • Copy the UPDATE folder into /PSP/GAME/
    • Get the 3.80 Sony update, rename to 380.PBP, and put it in same folder.
    • Run it, the update will be done by Sony updater. At the end when you are asked to reboot the PSP pressing X or O.

    3.80 M33 Changes:

    • HEN core: user mode can load now signchecked files from flash.
    • recovery: flash1 format will create flash1 directories after format. This could fix some flash1 issues with the previous versions.
    • Network update from page. By default is enabled. You can turn it off in recovery (when off, network update will download sony updates as usual).
    • Nids resolver for various kernel libraries.

    Users should note:”popsloader plugin from 3.71 will not work in 3.80 M33 due to its system dependency. A new one will be rewritten for 3.80 M33.”

    Custom Firmware 3.80 M33 | 3.80 M33-2 Update
    Official Sony 3.80 Firmware Update

    greg from

    Hard Mod Battery!!!

    Sunday, December 9th, 2007

    It’s Not New But i forgot to make a News about it SO here is IS

    Make a Pandora’s Battery without 1.50 or CFW
    watch the Video here


    SONY FTW!!!!!?

    Friday, October 26th, 2007

    More and More people are getting mad over Sony’s firmware updates,
    sony is doing a good job in keeping hackers out, BUT is not doing so good on keep the people happy.

    Sony is staying away from the 2.00 update trying to give us crap on a stick with the New 1.94 update, for now all i know is it gives you rumble in the new Ratchet and Clank Game But i am sure it plugs up the holes in the last firmware that we could not find Makeing it More harder to hack.
    Will all this dicking around kill sony ?? or will holding back and playing it safe save sony ?? only time will tell but for now it does not look good for sony.