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Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Well, as said by the man him self ‘SMD’, “Let’s throw some ideas around that will help us revive the site.” So to all Smdepot USERS, there is a new tread to help SMD and the rest of us, make this site even better. Along with trying to make an up to date site with all the NEWEST news, mods, files, and hacks out their for all systems and devices. We hope to hear from you, and we hope to get some new ideas to improve and enhance Smdepot for a longer and happier life =]
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Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Come hang out and Talk with Zzk2001 or Anyone you want
Server IP =
port= 8767
If you Don’t Have TeamSpeak Download it Here


Friday, April 18th, 2008

YES there was a EarthQuake in Indianapolis , the Last Quake we had was Back in 1895.

it Woke me Up and the frist thing that came to Mind was SHIT!! They NUKED us lol, well it was still Funny to me =) the Hole House felt like it was going to Fall apart.

As some of you may know My house is Super OLD and i don’t think it could Stand a Qauke again.

earthquake NEWS report

Zzk2001 LIVE HELP!

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Starting Mar,21,2008 i’ll be doing a LIVE Help show On Ustream Every Friday at 7pm est
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If you need help IN ANY thing from XBOX,PSP,PC,etc etc i’ll help you

Or at best i’ll get you the help you need =)

HD-DVD Vs Blue Ray Over?

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008



Blue ray wins
Toshiba Corp Drops HD-DVDs

Just seen the News like 20mins ago and They have Said Blue Ray WINS as Toshiba Corp Has Droped Out and Wal-Mart Is going to be ONLY selling Blue Ray DVDS

forums FIXED!!!

Monday, February 11th, 2008

The forums has been FIXED thinks to the ALL powerful GOD (SMD) =)

Zzk2001 On PayPal

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

Not like anyone Cares BUT i got my PayPal up and going SO.. if you like you can send alittle money to a modder down on his Luck =) BUT you don’t need to, I help for FREE 😉

Donate to zzk2001 =)

Through XBMC & MC360 Presents: The Black Market

Monday, November 12th, 2007

Team Black Bolts Black Market

Thats right the XBMC MC360 Skin is back in Black HAHA, they have a cool new feature that allows you to download and preview 212 skins/themes as of 11/1/07 (I just checked) it allows you connect to a new server that just went up to provide YOU, with tons of skins for your XBMC. They also brought back YouTube, so the new script allows you to watch vidoes again. Theirs all so a new button that lets you update the CORE of XBMC when ever theirs a new build out. I have to say that Team Black Bolt have out done them self AGAIN, this is truelly a great skin and team. Long Live XBMC-MC360 & Team Black Bolt!!

Features of the XBMC Black Market:
Download themes for XBMC
Checks off which themes you have Downloaded
Shows you
-Alphabetical Index
-Latest Additions
-Most Downloaded
-The Size of the theme
Theme preview
And Much More…

The Black Market

Black Market 1


Latest XBMC XBMC-SVN 2007-10-28 Rev10638
Latest MC360 MC360 Skin

.:!!Halo 3 TORRENT – Halo 3 Leaked!!:.

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Thats right, Halo 3 has been leaked days before its official release, theirs a lot of things thats been leaked about the game, but never the game it self. The most anticipated game to make a big hit on the market has hit the net and has made an even BIGGER HIT. Comments are flooding the torrents sites of confirmation that it works and its multi-regional, so anyone can play it as long as they have a modded 360. This is going to make Microsoft and Bungie sh** a cow. Well, I’m not going to tell where to get it or to download it, I’m just informing you about this, and that this is one of the biggest leaks in gaming history!!!

Halo 3 Leaked

And if you wanna read more on this check this web site:
Talk about it on the Forums


Team M33 Speaks Out

Monday, September 17th, 2007


Well the story is that M33 is pissed off that their “private svn” was leaked. And with this being done, not only were CFW makers benefiting from it, but as well as Sony. Thats right now Sony can use this against us CFW users/makers to hinder the CFW making, “This intrusion into one of the basis of the actual PSP Scene, has just made harm to the entire world of the PSP Scene. Therefore, Sony saw this and made some interesting changes in some modules (mainly loadcore), plus the change of some nids that are used to the development of M33 Custom Firmware.” says M33. Lets just hope the M33 keeps bringing that wonderful CFW.

!!PSP CFW 4 Eveyone!!