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SoftMod Depot ?

Friday, October 26th, 2012

So i am sure if you found this site you’ll see that 98% of all the stuff on it is (Out of Date) “maybe more”

There are many reasons for this.

Softmod Depot was made back in the Xbox 1 days of softmoding the Xbox, Our Goal was to help as many people as we could to safely mod their  system, As the years went by we moved to other systems like the 360,Wii,NDS,PS2,Dreamcast,PS1/PSx,PSP and even the PS3.

But as the times went by many admins (as well as myself) had to live our lives and we could no longer keep updating our newer Mods/hacks etc for the systems, So why not shut the site down?

We want to keep it open for all the people who many come across the site and get help from the many post giving help on everything from …(Well read above)  Luckily our Awesome Owner (Smdepot) has kept the site running and giving us so much over the years… I could never thank him enough.

Really… I can’t thank him enough….THANK YOU!!!

Now we are not 100% dead BUT!!! we don’t update all that much as we all have our own lives to live and we just don’t have the time to keep up-to-date on mods/hacks.


Thank You all for coming to the site… And don’t be shy to post on the forums.

Chase Checking NOT FREE ANYMORE!?

Monday, December 13th, 2010


Well I got a nice letter in the mail today about chase changing YET AGAIN!! this time it’s a big one, So big it’s going to make me switch banks.

“On February,8,2011 chase will start it’s $ 12 monthly service fee for anyone not meeting the requirements.

-At least one direct deposit of $ 500 or more, a daily minimum balance of $ 1500 or more, an average balance of $ 5000 in all Chase deposit accounts (checking, savings, CDs) and/or investment accounts with Chase Investment Services Corp., Pay $ 25 or more in qualifying account fees (not including this monthly service fee)

I don’t know about you BUT even my job does not pay me 500$ a check it’s just under 500$ some times i can get 500$ or more but that’s not a easy thing to do when your payed weekly, And there is NOWAY i could keep 1,500$ in my bank at all times.
SO FUCK YOU chase im going to a new bank……zzk2001 starts looking for a new bank…Hmm maybe Fifth Third Bank

PS Jailbreak Compatibility List

Saturday, September 11th, 2010


“Updated link to NEW Compatibility List”
OK so you have your PS3 hacked and your wanting to backup some games, BUT you don’t want to waste your time just to find-out the game does not work??? Well Here’s a Sweet website just for you

—> click on Link for List   PS Jailbreak Compatibility List

The funny thing is sites selling a PSjailbreak are still saying that ALL PS3 games work When we all know this is NOT TURE, Maybe in a manager.pkg update more games will be supported but as of right now a good 30+ games do NOT WORK.

Sony removes “Other OS” on the PS3

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

We heard talk about the Option for Other OS (Linux) being removed and only today we found that it is true, THIS IS NOT A APRILS FOOLS JOKE!!!!
Well as far as i know it’s not a April fools joke lol

Sony should change there saying from.
“It only does everything”
“It only does Somethings”

With are Other OS taken out all them people (EVEN ME) will no longer be-able to load and run Linux, And all them dreams of having a Fully working Linux is GONE =(

Sadly people think this is because of George Hotz some what hacking the PS3 by using the Other OS, But what they don’t understand is his hack would only work if you opened the PS3 and Make some risky soldering. i would say less then 1% of all PS3 users would try/do this and out of that 1% i would guess 50% of them would mess up and fry the PS3.
So is Sony going to far by just taking out the Other OS and not just updating it to make it unusable by the hack?
Lets see what all has been taken out of the PS3 over the years?
-2 USB ports. 4 if you talk about before them releasing it they told us it would have 7 USB ports lol
-All Card readers
-Playstation 1 and Playstation 2 reading.
And now Other OS (Linux)

The big question is “whats Next?”
-No more DVD reading?
-No wifi?
-No bluetooth?
-Only 1 USB port?
-Less powerful CPU?

I guess Only time will tell, As for me i SOLD my PS3 and now i think that was the right thing to do, Maybe PS4 will be better.

Why the PS3 will NEVER be fully Hacked?

Friday, March 12th, 2010

OPPS!! i guess i was wrong LOL, owell… i was hoping to be wrong anyways =)

So are you waiting for the PS3 to be-able to play backup games?

Well…. Stop waiting…. It’s never going to happen. Well at best it’s not going to happen any time soon Or even anytime in the next few years.

The Ps3 has 8 SPE’s (for people who don’t understand that)
It’s like having a Quad core CPU x2(times 2), Now the 8th SPE is disabled So we will just talk about 7 SPE’s =)

6 SPE’s are used for the PS3 (CPU power and GPU power) BUT the 7th SPE is for OS (the Dash board) and Block your backups from reading, SO first you’ll need to be able to Unlock the 6th SPE then recode it then even after all that’s said and done the BD-player it’s-self would need to be flashed with a CFW to play backups, Now… we could go with a ISO loader to by-pass the BD-player so that’s some good news.
And that’s before we get into the FW on the PS3 and it’s un-hackable ass lol

In short I am saying right now we just don’t have what it takes to Hack a Ps3 and even if it does get fully hacked some time in the next 3 years it’s most likely going to be some 1,000pin wire setup with 70% chance of bricking the PS3 or something dumb like that LOL (I am joking) But still it’s not going to be some easy, Install this and do that kind of hack and never will be.

So if your looking for a system that may never get Game hackers online then go for a PS3, As for Xbox live users well… you need to watch out for them Wall hackers and auto aimers LOL

(On a Side note)
seeing as the Ps3 will most likely never be hacked why does games still cost 60$ ?? i mean you would think if 360 games cost the same and 1,000s of people are downloading the games and not buying them then it’s understandable that they keep the cost high so they make their money back from people just downloading them, BUT with the PS3 it’s not hacked and there is no way to download the games and play them on the PS3 so…. why is the cost still so high? Maybe it’s because people downloading games does not affect Over all buying of games like they think it does =)

PS3 Hacked?…Maybe?

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

OK so i hear the PS3 has been Hacked, Not like… We have a loader for ISOs or anything like that yet BUT someone HAS gotten pasted the locks and in the system and HAS dumped it, all that’s left to be done is making the Software or Custom software like with the PSP.
I man from Ipod hacking has done it “So he says” lets just Hope it’s true

I have read/write access to the entire system memory, and HV level access to the processor. In other words, I have hacked the PS3. The rest is just software. And reversing. I have a lot of reversing ahead of me, as I now have dumps of LV0 and LV1. I’ve also dumped the NAND without removing it or a modchip.

What will come of this?
-PS3 backups running on the PS3 HDD?
-Emulators like N64 running at 100%?
-Linux or Windows running the FULL power of the PS3?
Who knows…. But it’s fun to think about it.

Pic from

Ellipsis Trailer (Download on Dec,4)

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Team Blackbolt Ellipsis Launch Trailer from Team Blackbolt on Vimeo.

XBMC “Ellipsis Beta One Release Date”

Sunday, November 29th, 2009


Here is the News right from the Team Blackbolt Forums themself’s

For over a week or so now, we’ve been testing Ellipsis in a closed beta program. With the help of testers we’ve been able to fix bugs, add much needed features we left out and also improve our designs and graphics. Due to the excellent response from the testers we’re confident we will be able to release Ellipsis to everyone Friday December 4th 2009.

Some time in the evening (UK Time) we will go live with what has been one of the most interesting projects we’ve worked on. So we hope you will join us then and enjoy what we’ve created. Before then you can look forward to a preview video by ActionCorp.TV, the guys who did the podcast preview for MC360, we’ll let you know when thats available. Just keep an eye on this site.

#Smdepot Irc channel is Moving to a New Server.

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Yes We are Moving the channel to a better server with More Options and better Control

For everyone Using the Java chat This Does not affect you at all, As you’ll be connected to the Server Once we Fix/switch the Sever on the Java chat.

For everyone Using Mirc or a IRC program to chat the New server is

The channel Name is the Same #smdepot

We are doing this In hope for a New And better start On the Chat server as We have had problems in the Past with Efnet.

(For Admins and OP’s Only)
ALL OP’s on #Smdepot Needs to Change to the New server and register there Nicks So we can Setup your OP status

To register type
/msg NickServ REGISTER password E-mail

If you don’t know how to Use NickServ commands Like type
/msg NickServ HELP
Or ask Hyp3r =P

PSP 3000 Has issues

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

    Well, I’ll be damned… As complaints about the PSP-3000 screen’s interlacing issues pile up at the PlayStation forums, all Sony had to say was that they were “looking into it.”While everyone’s waiting for a response from Sony U.S., the folks at Engadget have gotten word from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan. The SCEJ representative that contacted them, in Engadget’s words, noted that:

the interlacing-like lines are just “features” of the new LCD, and currently, there are no plans to fix it with a future software update since it is in the hardware.

    They’re… what? Features? Not a very keen feature, if that’s the case. Nevertheless, a serious question is now posed: are you willing to put up with scanlines on your screen for Pandora glory care of DAX and the TA-090? Buying a PSP-3000 now requires serious thinking, it seems.