Chase Checking NOT FREE ANYMORE!?


Well I got a nice letter in the mail today about chase changing YET AGAIN!! this time it’s a big one, So big it’s going to make me switch banks.

“On February,8,2011 chase will start it’s $ 12 monthly service fee for anyone not meeting the requirements.

-At least one direct deposit of $ 500 or more, a daily minimum balance of $ 1500 or more, an average balance of $ 5000 in all Chase deposit accounts (checking, savings, CDs) and/or investment accounts with Chase Investment Services Corp., Pay $ 25 or more in qualifying account fees (not including this monthly service fee)

I don’t know about you BUT even my job does not pay me 500$ a check it’s just under 500$ some times i can get 500$ or more but that’s not a easy thing to do when your payed weekly, And there is NOWAY i could keep 1,500$ in my bank at all times.
SO FUCK YOU chase im going to a new bank……zzk2001 starts looking for a new bank…Hmm maybe Fifth Third Bank

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  1. insanetrout says:

    Yeah I was told the same thing. to delay the fees switch your account to a student college account it delays the fees for 5 years.

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