Trapped Chilean Miners Get PSPs

You know what would suck? Being trapped 2,300 feet underground. You know what would suck even more? Being trapped and PSPless. So to lessen what sucks just a bit, those 33 trapped Chilean miners have been sent PSPs to occupy the time. How much time? More than 6 hours I bet. Worst-case scenario says 4 months. Maybe they’re including batteries (or running real long extension cords) along with their daily necessities. And I really hope the Chilean officials didn’t send them PSPgo models — I can’t imagine PSN being accessible way down there. They should’ve consulted us: hacked PSPs with a memory stick loaded full of games, particularly Ad-hoc-style multiplayer games. Anyway, keep up the good spirit guys — here’s to hoping the escape shaft is finished before Christmas. *Cheers* May Godspeed. Now lets hope their games were in Spanish…..

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