Sony Can Detect PS Jailbreak

(The Reports of PS3’s getting Ban where FAKE!!! BUT sooner or later sony WILL start banning people SO, Keep safe and DO NOT go online with the PSjailbreak.)

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Reports have been filed out, and it appears Sony can detect use of the PS Jailbreak USB dongle when a console that’s using the device is connected to the PlayStation Network.

The PS Jailbreak dongle (if you haven’t heard of it) is a USB device that allows PS3 users to burn copies of legitimate games to an external hard drives. This then allows ripped games to be loaded providing a game disc is present. According to dongle seller OzModChips, the add-on “tricks your console into thinking that it is a developer unit”. If this is the case then yes, it can be tracked.

You see, there are only a limited number of developer ps3 units. A vast rise in Game ID’s is easily detectable because the “Back Up Manager” changes the Game ID when Back Ups are played, this Game ID is always “LAUN-12345”. So imagine how many games of the same ID would be played a day from all around the world. Not the mention the fact, that Sony probably read the articles guys like us are posting about the plug ‘n play Mod Chip every day. 🙂

The dongle is apparently detectable via PSN, now this probably won’t get you banned providing you don’t do any form of online play/ browsing. Microsoft has already used this to ban modified Xbox 360 consoles from Xbox Live. Having, a semi-developers kit-like system via the dongle should be enough to prevent a full-on ban. Mainly because Sony can’t detect specific hardware you’re using that isn’t in the PS3 already.

The PS Jailbreak is said to work and had been created to work on the current PS3 firmware, 3.41, on both slim and fat consoles. OzModChips says the dongle’s own firmware is “claimed” to be updateable (much like flash carts for the Nintendo DS), allowing it to be updated if a future Sony update blocks the device.

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