PS3 100% HACKED? (New USB Modchip “psjailbreak” )

Well as you can see is this video PS3 backups are running and 100% working, Even Online play is working.

The Only problem is…
1. the Price is WAY!! to high going at around 170$ (WOW!!!)
2. Sony MAY BE ABLE to patch it with a Firmware update
3. Fakes will start rolling in within a few Weeks (my guess would be to buy a Fake) lol as they will be CHEAP!
4. Not sure if you can Download PS3 games and copy to the HDD then play or not, From what i know you MUST have the real game and back it up first Then you can play without the DISC.
Guessing a lot of people will be renting more PS3 games “for Backup” lol

(Check out the Links for more info) Review on Psjailbreak
Where to Buy it.

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