Why the PS3 will NEVER be fully Hacked?

OPPS!! i guess i was wrong LOL, owell… i was hoping to be wrong anyways =)

So are you waiting for the PS3 to be-able to play backup games?

Well…. Stop waiting…. It’s never going to happen. Well at best it’s not going to happen any time soon Or even anytime in the next few years.

The Ps3 has 8 SPE’s (for people who don’t understand that)
It’s like having a Quad core CPU x2(times 2), Now the 8th SPE is disabled So we will just talk about 7 SPE’s =)

6 SPE’s are used for the PS3 (CPU power and GPU power) BUT the 7th SPE is for OS (the Dash board) and Block your backups from reading, SO first you’ll need to be able to Unlock the 6th SPE then recode it then even after all that’s said and done the BD-player it’s-self would need to be flashed with a CFW to play backups, Now… we could go with a ISO loader to by-pass the BD-player so that’s some good news.
And that’s before we get into the FW on the PS3 and it’s un-hackable ass lol

In short I am saying right now we just don’t have what it takes to Hack a Ps3 and even if it does get fully hacked some time in the next 3 years it’s most likely going to be some 1,000pin wire setup with 70% chance of bricking the PS3 or something dumb like that LOL (I am joking) But still it’s not going to be some easy, Install this and do that kind of hack and never will be.

So if your looking for a system that may never get Game hackers online then go for a PS3, As for Xbox live users well… you need to watch out for them Wall hackers and auto aimers LOL

(On a Side note)
seeing as the Ps3 will most likely never be hacked why does games still cost 60$ ?? i mean you would think if 360 games cost the same and 1,000s of people are downloading the games and not buying them then it’s understandable that they keep the cost high so they make their money back from people just downloading them, BUT with the PS3 it’s not hacked and there is no way to download the games and play them on the PS3 so…. why is the cost still so high? Maybe it’s because people downloading games does not affect Over all buying of games like they think it does =)

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