#Smdepot Irc channel is Moving to a New Server.

Yes We are Moving the channel to a better server with More Options and better Control

For everyone Using the Java chat This Does not affect you at all, As you’ll be connected to the Server Once we Fix/switch the Sever on the Java chat.

For everyone Using Mirc or a IRC program to chat the New server is

The channel Name is the Same #smdepot

We are doing this In hope for a New And better start On the Chat server as We have had problems in the Past with Efnet.

(For Admins and OP’s Only)
ALL OP’s on #Smdepot Needs to Change to the New server and register there Nicks So we can Setup your OP status

To register type
/msg NickServ REGISTER password E-mail

If you don’t know how to Use NickServ commands Like type
/msg NickServ HELP
Or ask Hyp3r =P

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