Softmod Your Wii Today

Softmoding your Wii is not New BUT Many pepole out there still don’t Know About it So
Here’s a little Heads Up for all you Wii fans out there.

Here’s a Little video to Show you How to Mod your Wii to Play all them Sweet Backup games
Softmod Wii
And Here’s a Video on How to Burn all them Sweet Backups the right way so they work 100%
Burn Wii Games

Now I know what your thinking “What all can i Do with a softmod Wii?”

-play wii backups
-play camecube backups
-play All kinds of Emulators from NES,SNES,Sega,etc etc
-play Download VW and Homebrew games
There is Much more But I’ll leave you to Seeing for your self =)

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