The Blue Rock

    The So Called Blue Tool Is no more then a Blue Rock.
  • Dark Alex himself says that the Blue Tool Will NOT work And at best will change the 3000 PSP into a TA-088v3 PSP as the IPL still needs to be Hacked.
    1. (Dark-Alex)
      it’s confirmed that this over exalted batter will leave 3K at least like the 88v3, just with a flashing light, a black screen and nothing but that LED indicator, as we announced.


      Therefore, that (strange blue colored) battery won’t work for you, instead “someone” makes a bypass for the preIPL thing that Dark_AleX explained. (Considering that the preIPL on the 3K has the same security) Looks like Datel was hoping that Dark_AleX hacked it, so only their battery could be available for the hacking process. Bad luck, guys.

  • In short… DO NOT BUY THE BLUE TOOL, it will NOT hack your 3000 PSP.
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