PSP 3000 Has issues

    Well, I’ll be damned… As complaints about the PSP-3000 screen’s interlacing issues pile up at the PlayStation forums, all Sony had to say was that they were “looking into it.”While everyone’s waiting for a response from Sony U.S., the folks at Engadget have gotten word from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan. The SCEJ representative that contacted them, in Engadget’s words, noted that:

the interlacing-like lines are just “features” of the new LCD, and currently, there are no plans to fix it with a future software update since it is in the hardware.

    They’re… what? Features? Not a very keen feature, if that’s the case. Nevertheless, a serious question is now posed: are you willing to put up with scanlines on your screen for Pandora glory care of DAX and the TA-090? Buying a PSP-3000 now requires serious thinking, it seems.

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