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Author Topic: How to Make UIX as a app or Main Dash  (Read 7158 times)
Kyla666 (zzk2001)
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« on: August 29, 2005, 02:48:55 PM »

i am going to go over on how to Make UIX as a App And your Main Dash seeing as Some ppl Wink can't understand how to do it

Ok frist you need the Files to do this

ok most ppl use

(UIX) 01.03.05.user.interface.x.dash

But that is super old

i now use

(UIX) 07-18-05-Lite User.Interface.X.Mod

But get one of them then you need

Now you have what you need lets get that on your Xbox

Make a New folder Called UIX


Open (UIX) 07-18-05-Lite User.Interface.X.Mod.rar and Extracted to UIX folder


Open (UIX) and Extracted to UIX\user.interface.x.dash


Change Uix.xbe to Default.xbe

and last

Take UIX folder and Drag and Drop to FTP E:/Apps

Now just Reboot Xbox look in apps 


If all goes good and you like it

Make it as your Default Dash
I'll show you how to do that at a later time

Some recommended settings

frist Change Skin to Bule
Next go to Settings > Configuration > General Settings
on (Main Orb Type set that to Xbox4)  Reboot xbox to see what it does
this well make the Round orb on main screen Change to what the Skin sets it as
(you well understand later)

i Have Tabs Number set to 4 cuz i use it for My XBMC =)

The Gay DNA like thing in the Background you can trun that off too just look in the settings

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Kyla666 (zzk2001)
Super Modder
Posts: 2367

Kicking ass

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« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2005, 04:31:57 PM »

OK Now that you see it and I know you Love it  lets make it your Default Dash

If you installed your Softmod with Krayzie UXE installer your Main Dash is set on E:/dashboard
i Think ltools sets it there to But Not Sure

Anyway Just make sure you Put the Default.xbe where your Main dash is

this Tut well Use the Install of Krayzie UXE installer where your Main dash is set to

Ok you Have UIX on the PC in a folder Called UIX so we don't need to go over that agin

Drag and Drop Default.xbe From PC UIX folder to FTP E/dashboard

Make sure to Click Overwrite


Drag and Drop user.interface.x.dash folder to FTP E/dashboard

Now just reboot your Xbox And now UIX comes up as your Main Dash Have Fun

Yes it really is that Easy and you Wonder why some ppl go nuts when you can't Understand how to do it =)

But i forgive you" Not everyone is as smart as me or SMD or BOOST LOL
« Reply #2 on: August 30, 2005, 01:53:45 AM »

hehehe big thanks zzk

wonder who you were refering to...
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