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Author Topic: FIx Zzk's ALL IN ONE softmod (HotSwap)  (Read 7226 times)
Kyla666 (zzk2001)
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« on: March 25, 2007, 02:50:27 AM »

(Update) 02-26-2008

OK i took Down the Hotswap and the FIX with it And i come to see Some ppl was still useing It SO...

This Is a FIX for the Errors that the Hotswap Have

(NOTE) i do not support Installing My All IN One Softmod (HotSwap) there was some errors and some of the X-S ppl found them to be to Much to Handle 

Even though i do not support it, the All In ONE is a safe softmod Now that there is a FIX and does work 100%
(but i am not going to Give it Out anymore Nore Support it)

Now to the Fix

(Make sure Network cable Is NOT pluged in At this Time.)

Go to Apps>Backup Eeprom (push A)
In there you'll see a list scroll Down to Backup
(Now backup eeprom)

When Done reboot

Now you Must Go to
  Apps>Krayzie Extras >Launch Extras
Password is  AYBX

Next go to Update virtual eeprom
in there you'll see two options
Backup eeprom Or Continue to update virtual eeprom
Pick Backup eeprom frist,  Then When Done Continue to update virtual eeprom

When Done Power Off and reboot

Now Setup FTP settings (IP settings) and Plugin Network Cable (If the IP does not Show up Do a Soft reboot)
Softreboot= L+R+start+back

Once you get the IP set FTP to Xbox go to E:/apps/backup  In there you'll see you'r eeprom.bin transfer that to PC

Delete All Files in you're CACHE in E:/CACHE  and delete all in X,Y,Z
(this will fix the Error of games not loading and LAN connection error)
-error found by jera13g and  Ichinisan

(Note) if you can't FTP your eeprom thats FINE but you really Need to For safety Of the xbox

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