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1  Ramblings - Misc Talk / All Yours / Off Topic / Re: What you did today. on: August 03, 2017, 02:51:07 AM
Ahh this site is pretty well dead. I'll miss it dearly. I just got 2 new xboxs a couple months back. New to me anyhow. Picked em both up for 20 bucks. I just thought of this wondrous place where all my soft modding heros were. Truck still has a 4.3l in it. No ls as of yet. I'll get there someday. 
2  Ramblings - Misc Talk / All Yours / Off Topic / Re: What you did today. on: March 24, 2016, 02:09:57 PM
Never been a fan of kit cars. My 6.0l is coming along nicely. Rebuilt the bottom end with forged rods, pistons and tri metal bearings. New cam bearings, new camshaft. The old 4l60e with 3k of parts is gonna get sold off since I just spent 2100 on rebuilding a 4l80e that will just bolt to the 6.0l. Torque converter from circle d with 2800 stall. Differential now has a locker and moser axles. Still got this grand am sitting here. Been fighting with it for 2 weeks trying to get it together.
3  Ramblings - Misc Talk / All Yours / Off Topic / Re: What you did today. on: January 10, 2016, 10:59:42 PM
I didn't buy the 250. I did however get it going down the road. The 5.3l block got sold off to someone else. I have a 6.0l rotating assembly with heads. So that's a plus. My driveway is taken up by some piece of s**t grand am with a blown motor and the guy is still sourcing an engine. So that's getting moved to the street soon. Also picked up a sentra for 400 off a friend then literally sold it 3 hours later for 1000. I had to pull an engine for someone in his shop. It's sitting there and it has a hole in the number 2 piston and I'm rebuilding my spare 4.3l block with one junkyard head and the other head that was on the engine that got destroyed. So there goes my spare 4.3l engine but there is a profit for me. I happened upon a 4 bolt main marine block awhile back and that's going in the truck because it just needed head swap and was very well maintained. Like 300 hours on it total. So I have my old rebuilt thrice 4.3l in my truck right now but it's not to happy. I am having overheating issues with it. So that's why the 4 bolt main marine motor is going in and apparently it has 10:1 static compression with the decked 93 cpi s10 heads I'm throwing on it. So this motor should be pretty fun.
4  Ramblings - Misc Talk / All Yours / Off Topic / Re: What you did today. on: December 18, 2015, 08:18:04 PM
There's a trashed f250 in my driveway and all it needs is a fuel pump, a fender, bumper and some spray piant. I'm thinking about buying it from the guy..... Don't even really know why it ended up in my driveway. Just did. Got a bare 5.3l block no pistons or crank or rods. Which isn't a big deal.
5  Ramblings - Misc Talk / All Yours / Off Topic / Re: What you did today. on: October 29, 2015, 12:06:22 PM
Well that forester is in the junk yard now. It's crushed by now. The engine I just went ahead and honed the s**t out of it and got it ok and threw some new gaskets on it and it's living life in a 2004 wrx. The whole transaxle went to a friend that has a 2.0l jdm swapped wrx but he wanted an sti trans and diffs and stuff. So made some money on that. That was really cheap. He never came back. The 5.3l block ended up having a nice crack all the way down one cylinder wall so it went to the scrap heap. 2 of the 8 rods were bent. Pistons are sitting in a box and the crank to. The heads were garbage castech heads so they went to the heap to. I think I toasted my v6 again. For the third time. This time I attribute machine shop work not my own negligence. I didn't even beat on it yet. Still have the junkyard motor sitting around so just gonna throw that back in and use it. It's been slow. No work for 3 weeks in a row. So I'm back to a day job and being broke. although it was fun bullet proofing a 6.0l with good headgaskets. Threw some studs on and oil cooler and already had egr delete. Threw a mad turbo werks m2 turbo with 155cc 50% injectors. tuned it with hptuners. Thing hauls so much ass it's crazy. Should be right around 450 to the wheels. Well over 800ft/lbs. Funny thing is you see all these trucks that throw loads of black smoke yet I fine tuned this thing to throw almost none at all no matter the load. You stomp on it and the boost rolls to 30 psi by 1800 rpm and then she really hauls. It's a little sooty but not gobs of smoke. Just a tiny tiny bit under full bore. Hopefully he doesn't trash the transmission. An interesting one in the works is a 240sx I'm messing around with for a buddy of mine. All free of course cause it's already got an SR20DET with a nice turbo upgrade and all that. But it needs a tune. 370cc injectors on stock computer runs rich as hell. But yeah. No money to be made the last month or so. i'm doing roofing for now.
6  Ramblings - Misc Talk / All Yours / Off Topic / Re: What you did today. on: August 02, 2015, 04:34:44 AM
So apparently I'm now the owner of the forester I previously mentioned in my last post. Guy decided to just give it to me as payment for the work I've done so far. Signed over the title and everything. I'm now wondering what I'm gonna do with a forester with an sti drivetrain. I think I'm going to part it out and send the body to the scrap man. I have no use for another subaru. I've already got a tribeca sitting here that needs a transmission. Hopefully the guy will just pick the damn thing up because I don't want it. I've got more s**t to do than have s**t sitting in one of my driveways for 2 months. Here's one for ya. Guy comes by with a 1981 c10. Rusty pos body wise but good frame and all that. Wanted me to get his a/c working. Well it had no compressor and no wiring harness for it. Got some price and told him what it would be just for parts. I called junkyards to get mounting bracket prices. I got junkyard prices for harness to. I told him and he said that's really high. Just north of 600 cause I needed lines and everything. Junkyard prices mostly btw.  I told him that's just for parts. He about flipped. He decided a/c wasn't worth that much.
7  Ramblings - Misc Talk / All Yours / Off Topic / Re: What you did today. on: July 29, 2015, 05:53:55 AM
So rebuilt engine back in my truck and running nice and mean. Got it to rev out to 6000 the other day with no issues. Tuned all to hell and back. Engine I got from the junk yard is getting a refresh with new lifters and cleaning as well as new rings. It had good compression just that the oil rings were toast. Don't give 2 shits about it so gonna finish rebuilding it and throw it out the door for sale. Had an interesting night. Was fixing a 2001 suburban and well lets just say I had to pull half of the harness and unsheathe and rewrap a good portion because it had been worn through in several spots and had a few rubbing bare wires. Also the cam sensor connector was missing a wire cause someone had cut it previously. Which was interesting. So soldered and shrink wrapped and rewrapped that part of the harness too. Also redid a major engine ground. Fucking mechanics who know nothing about proper wiring piss me off. Ohh well. More money for me. 200 dollar job out the door in 3 hours. Also had a nissan.... Lets not even talk about that rusty piece of s**t. Thing should be in the junkyard for sure. Damn frame rail almost rotted through and trans cross member totally rotted. Had a welder come by my place and weld a box piece on what was left of the frame and box in what was left of the trans cross member. And it only came to me for brakes and clunking noise when put into drive..... That guy wasn't happy with what I charged him. Another interesting one was the Subaru forester that came to me..... Had a full sti drivetrain swap with bigger turbo and all sorts of goodies. But. Had a toasted head gasket as is common among 2.5l's it seems. Pulled the block and well lets just say that's about as far as that went. Engine ran good but what I found was really really bad. 3 pistons had kissed the valves at some point I'm guessing timing belt snapped. One cylinder liner bore was tore all to s**t. Yeah. That's sitting around waiting for the guy to either tell me to seal it back up or rebuild or junkyard engine which is gonna be really hard to find since this thing is a fully factory forged one. Might have to go jdm for this one. I told him a couple options. He's not happy with any so far. Rebuild is gonna be really close to junkyard engine but that doesn't guarantee a good engine that doesn't need headgaskets. It doesn't really need pistons as the damage is only cosmetic as far as I can tell but it doesn't have any bent valves which tells me someone got in here and saw it before but didn't fix it. Ahh one interesting one that wasn't really a pain in the ass but was more hilarious was a honda civic with a 1.8l vtec and all these goodies that honda guys do. It had random pieces from like 20 different cars. This thing was not stock whatsoever. I mean no bolt on this thing was original honda save for maybe the headbolts and a few others. Clutch cable stuck together with a screw at the clutch. Umm lets see. Battery randomly just chilling on the backseat. Fuel pump just sitting in the trunk(external pump). Cut springs that totally destroyed the front suspension. Camber wear patterns from hell. Think both tires on the front completely bald with steel showing on the inside. Yeah. I was just wiring in a stereo system. Hopefully that guy never brings that piece back for anything. I finally got my ls 5.3l block. Its sitting for now.
8  Ramblings - Misc Talk / All Yours / Off Topic / Re: What you did today. on: June 21, 2015, 12:12:13 AM
I don't know how but I always seem to manage to break things. My xbox one just blacked screened for no reason. Warranty it is. Don't feel like tearing it apart just yet.
9  Ramblings - Misc Talk / All Yours / Off Topic / Re: What you did today. on: June 14, 2015, 04:41:01 AM
Ohh boy. Had to tear down my engine again..... Scorched 2 rod bearings I don't know how an broke 3 valve springs. Thankfully I didn't run the engine long enough to score the crank any! New tri metal bearings and valve springs. 305 injectors and bored throttle body and intake manifold. New big ass cam on the way. Heads are off getting new 3/8 inch threaded studs and guide plates. And I did a little home port and polish. MSD billetech distributor. Yep. My credit card is maxed out. Time to make things a little more interesting. I went and bought a junk yard engine and threw it in for now. Damn thing has lifter tick like hell and smokes like a bandit. But who cares it was 200 bucks!
10  Ramblings - Misc Talk / All Yours / Off Topic / Re: What you did today. on: May 10, 2015, 02:31:35 AM
I now have a turbo I picked up for cheap and it seems to be decent and it's not a china one! 200 bucks on a pretty good turbo. It's sitting on my chop bench along with my lot of 3 holley carbs i got as a bundle for 50 bucks. My plymouth now has a 360 intake with a thermoquad. Let me tell you what, 4 barrel carbs are so much more peppy than 2 barrals. Sold that camry for 1700. a nice 1100 dollar profit. I decided I would actually buy the tuning gear for my truck so that's on the way. Also just made 170 today doing brake job and water pump and ball joint replacement. I love making 170 in 4 hours.
11  Ramblings - Misc Talk / All Yours / Off Topic / Re: What you did today. on: April 23, 2015, 08:16:52 AM
Well.. This site is pretty dead.... Truck still runs great. Got a new job. Autoparts sucks but side jobs are nice. Get quite a few of them. Stopped smoking. Built a new computer. Haven't got my nitrous refilled. I keep forgetting to go by the welding shop. I bought another car that I don't know what to do with. It was just to good a deal and I had cash in hand.... 97 camry with 130000 miles on it. Everything works. Even the tapedeck..... Hopefully I can sell it here soon. Diesels are so much fun btw. I help a buddy swap a cummins into his old dodge. Man that thing hauls ass now with the ppump turned up and wastegate bypassed. In the market for a new full time job because side jobs is not the best way to make money even if it's in cash. Bought an xbox one finally. It's just sitting in the closet gathering dust though.... Haven't even played it yet. Also dodge magnum sxt 2005 with pulsing lights..... I gave up on it because I do not have the proper equipment to reflash a body control module. Also let me tell you. Bronchitis with an upper respiratory infection absolutely sucks. Had that for about a month before I started coughing blood and went to the doctor. I need money though....
12  Ramblings - Misc Talk / All Yours / Off Topic / Re: What you did today. on: September 26, 2014, 09:32:50 PM
It's honestly nothing new for me. It's just fucked up cause his son was only 2 and it just sucks. I got my truck running pretty good now. Still won't idle worth a **** but that's why I'm burning another chip right now.

Update: So I borrowed a Nitrous bottle setup from someone. Made a custom spray plate with a 150 shot. All I have to say is I no longer have much tread on my rear tires. 1rst, 2nd and 3rd it was just a big fucking cloud of white smoke behind me. that was from a rolling start. my 0-60 before on motor was 11 seconds. On motor it's now 8. With nitrous... I don't know. Can't get it to stop burning the fucking tires. I could jet it down but yeah. I don't have another set of jets. Didn't take long for me to get a bottle on it lol. And also loan paid off. Yeah. Working on diesel trucks does that when you get paid good from oil riggers.

Update: So looking for a job is going no where. I've got 5 places that say they'll hire me if they get an opening. But yeah. Truck has been tuned to about best as I can get it. It now gets 15mpg in town and 23~26 highway instead of 12/18. Gotta love lean burn. Also setup my EGR and a couple little modifications to keep cylinder temps down. Added a secondary transmission cooler that takes up basically my whole front grill area in front of the A/C condenser. Dropped trans temps by 30ish degrees when towing a trailer. So yeah. I'm happy with this build I threw together. Runs nice and runs cool. engine temp only gets to around 190 with a 180 thermostat under stupid heavy load. This thing blew past my expectations. My next thing is I need a new set of tires. Lmao.
13  Ramblings - Misc Talk / All Yours / Off Topic / Re: What you did today. on: September 26, 2014, 03:06:39 AM
It's all good. I burned up my distributor pickup and after a 20 dollar part and 15 minute part swap it's running. Now to spend the next week tuning it. But on a darker note I have a funeral to go to in the morning. My friend who I consider a brother. Well His son passed and s**t's all fucked up. So yeah. I got a lot of s**t to do.
14  Ramblings - Misc Talk / All Yours / Off Topic / Re: What you did today. on: September 15, 2014, 12:10:16 PM
Wow zzk. Not everyone is open minded. Also update on my engine situation. Took the block to the machine shop and got everything checked for cracks and rebored to .0020 over because 2 of the bores weren't centered properly. Got my crank magnafluxed and Checked and it's good. I also sent my crank off for shotpeening and nitride treatment because I'm insane. Not gonna use the connecting rods I got from my buddy. I got a set of forged ones on the way as well as a set of forged pistons. I got a hell of a deal on em so I'm happy. I have officially lost my mind because I'm piecing together a nitrous setup to. I'm also borrowing some chip burning equipment for my pcm so I can custom tune it. Got an off the shelf grind cam for it to. All new bearing throughout and I hand ported my heads and having new bigger valves put in. Also ported the intake manifold. Yep. I've lost it. See this is what happens when my bank lets me take out a loan. Plus I got another job. What a fucking week huh! Got a job and spent 2000 dollars I don't have! That's alright though. I've got some s**t sitting around I'm gonna sell cause I have no use for it anymore. I can't wait for my new little engine to be done. I've gotta get a sticker now that says bottle fed and put it on my bumper! lol.

Epdate: So just got my connecting rods and pistons and waiting on my camshaft and crank. The crank is supposed to be done friday and be back by Wednesday next week. I borrowed a crankshaft from someone to test and make sure my rotating assembly is gonna be good so I don't have to modify the block because these new rods are a little big. My heads are back to from the machine shop and they are the cleanest I've ever seen them. Lmao. Got most of my hardware together and crossing my fingers I'll have it together tonight so I can check tolerances and make sure my new rods aren't contacting the block anywhere other wise I'm gonna have to break out the dremel and put notches in the block. Which I'm hoping I don't. Other that that it's looking pretty good right now. Just waiting for my crankshaft to get back from treatment and my cam to come in which should be here monday. Using the old cam for now to test fitment and all that. Making sure my valves aren't gonna kiss the pistons. But I'll have to recheck that when I get the new cam in next week. I've got some new 1.6:1 rockers for it and some nasty valve springs rated to about 7500 rpm which I'm only going to run 5500 tops but just for piece of mind. Cross my fingers I'll have it running and in my truck next week. And then maybe in a couple weeks after everything is broken in I'll throw a bottle on it.

Update #2: So I got the engine together with the borrowed crank and everything and fitted new cam bearings and all new bearings. Tested the clearances on the new rods and had to put 2 notches in the block but nothing I couldn't handle with a dremel and some sandpaper. Threw the heads on with some pos headgaskets and the oil pan threw some oil in it and fired it up outside the truck and man does it sound beautiful. I've had it open header before but it sounds a lot different now. Probably because of the bumped compression ratio and ported heads with new intake and exhaust valves that are a little bit bigger. My cam also came in today and my crank shipped out this morning. I'm fucking excited. I pulled the oil pan back off and the heads and getting the new set of headgaskets tomorrow hopefully. I also threw some ARP headstuds on it. I'm crossing my fingers everything is back in the truck next week. I also got my chip tuning stuff today for my pcm.

Update #3: Got my crank in today and checked all the tolerances and it checks out and got my cam and everything so I'll be throwing it together manana.

Update #4: I'm beating my head against the wall.... I've got everything together and all tolerances check out and everything is in the truck. Fuel, spark and air. Fucking thing won't start.... It won't even run on starting fluid. Did compression test on all 6 cylinders to make sure I didn't **** up somewhere but getting what I am expecting for pressure. Made sure there is plenty of vacuum on the intake side so it doesn't have an intake leak. I don't get it. When I had the other crank and cam in it fired right up. Timing is right. Maybe distributor is being stupid.... i'll figure it out later. I'm just happy it's all together and in the truck.
15  Ramblings - Misc Talk / All Yours / Off Topic / Re: What you did today. on: September 11, 2014, 03:01:01 PM
And as of yesterday my truck is now a 5 cylinder! Put a hole straight through the side of the block. Fucking oil spewed everywhere. Connecting rod failure on cylinder 3. No big deal though. Besides the fact that I don't have a job but I got another block I'm picking up today and should have it all swapped over by monday. Wish I had a camera to show you the carnage. I'm crossing my fingers hoping I can use the crank and pistons from the old block. But it's not seized so thats a good sign. Funny thing was I actually drove it home. Granted only 5 blocks but still. I haven't pulled the engine as of yet so I don't know for sure what internally I can salvage. If I have to I can go pick up a set of pistons pretty cheap. I did manage to get my hands on a set of rods for cheap that a buddy had. My main worry is the crank. I'm also hoping I don't have to machine the block but it is a fresh pull out of an S10 with 90000 miles. Just minus internals. But I'm not complaining. Free block!
So I tore down the block last night and I can reuse the crank but the pistons not so much.... One has cracks in it and 2 others have torn up skirts. I checked the bore size against the piston size and it's way out of tolerance. It's supposed to be within like .0025 inches but it's like .0095. Hence why the skirts on 2 pistons are scored pretty nasty. The bore difference throughout the engine is all over the place. I'm wondering who the hell rebuilt this engine cause it sure as **** was a hack job. I am just kind of confused as to why I didn't hear any piston slap or anything of that nature. But good news is I get paid tomorrow from a job I did last week so I'll have 500 dollars to get a new set of pistons. Upon measuring the new block I'm gonna have to hone it and get oversize pistons but no biggie. Gonna order a set of 350 hyper-eutectic pistons that are .0010 over stock bore since that's what I'm gonna run for the new bore size. New block is pretty clean and all that. I'm gonna bump up compression a little I think and do a mild build. Hopefully I'll have the bastard back on the road next week. Was hoping for a simple swap of parts and stuff and just throw it together and throw it in the truck but I guess not. Thankfully I got my old plymouth running and driving decent so I can use that for now.
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