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Title: Ilovetorrents......REALLY?
Post by: zzk2001 on April 22, 2012, 04:25:15 PM
So you all know i use Ilovetorrents, Not the best torrent site but i still use it every now and then...

Here in the past 3-4 weeks ILT has been pushing there users to (Give money) "i am not going to say Donate because that's not even close to the right word."

Today i got a "Msg" saying 2000 power users MUST (Give money)in the next 2weeks or they will "Do something?"  

Here are the reasons i would never give money to them...

1. ALL the admins on ILT are A' holes, You even try helping people they get pissed off at you, And maybe even ban you.
2. There are 1,000s of GOOD! free torrent site, Some are WAY!! better then ILT and have more users and more stuff.
3. All they need to do is LOWER there cost of there server by taking some things away, Over the years they got pig headed and keep trying to get better and better seed servers but at a cost to the users.
4. Other torrent sites are doing just fine without high-end seed servers that cost a Arm/leg, YOU CAN TOO!!!
5. If i want to PAY for a service i would get one 100times better then ILT for much less then your 20$ a year.

Now if the admins at ILT where not A' Holes and did not have a stick up there @$$  all the time MAYBE..just maybe i would have Donated to them, But when users are getting ban for just saying things like.
(This video has the wrong name in the title)
(You'll need the right codec to play this format)
(Look for the patch on google it's easy to find)

YES i have gotten ...BANNED for saying them very things in comments..

My point is this.... Ilovetorrents needs to stop NOW. If they don't,  All they will do is drive people away and be left with a Sad little torrent site with maybe 100 or less people on it.

.....I would say all this to the site admins, But that's like nuking your self, and asking to be banned. lol  

Title: Re: Ilovetorrents......REALLY?
Post by: Art2Fly on July 01, 2012, 04:35:42 PM
use torrentday, I have an invite if you want

Title: Re: Ilovetorrents......REALLY?
Post by: zzk2001 on July 01, 2012, 09:13:05 PM
sure, I'll give it a try. Send the invite.