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Title: Torrent Sites and Rules!!??? WTF?
Post by: Kyla666 (zzk2001) on March 03, 2010, 01:41:57 PM
Whats going on with the torrent world today? They have WAY to many rules and a lot of the rules stop you from uploading really good s**t that people NEED!!!!

And What the Hell is wrong with some sites making you .rar Tv show packs 1 eps at a time ??? are they fucking MAD? if you got a show that's 12 or 20 eps a season and 9 fucking seasons thats 108-180 eps you would have to UN-rar Adding to the fact you need to Seed that s**t back so your wasting 2x space just so you can watch the damn things.

I remember back in the Old days where there are GOOD admins on torrent sites and Understand what we need and how to control torrent sites for the better Now a days there are Fucking little Kids trying to play Daddy But ends up just making s**t worse, But do they say "s**t i messed up" NO they fucking say I'm Admin i can do what i want BLAH BLAH Well **** YOU Admins.... We the people will not stand for your s**t. is one of them sites, I have tried helping them to see the way but they will not hear me, So i say **** them.
The sad thing about Ilovetorrents is i have read the rules there and posted my own torrent (a patch for M33 for a PSP game) Yet it got taken down WTF?  and all he had to say was we don't take patches?  YEA!!! well maybe you should fucking place that in the rules you dumb **** And not make it up as you go along.
And many times i have seen people post links for patches for M33 on comments YET when i do it i get "don't post a link with http:\\"  So i edit it and took out the http:\\ so it was not a link anymore But you could still copy it etc etc AND AGAIN i get a New made up rule... "Don't post any links to any other torrent sites" WTF it was a fucking Megaupload link you DUMB ASS kids.

Owell i am just sick of some Torrent sites,
They them self's are killing off torrents by making up all the Dumb rules.
SO i say NEVER go to every again Or if you come across a site with just dumb ass people don't go there, don't waste your time on them, trying to make them understand... it's just not worth it.

Title: Re: Torrent Sites and Rules!!??? WTF?
Post by: Kyla666 (zzk2001) on March 04, 2010, 04:49:24 AM
HAHAHAHAH....... lol  WOW after about 4hours the Admins on Ilovetorrents gave me this..

"You have received a 4 weeks warning from TheophanusW."

I don't think i am going to Help or get anything from them again, ....I am so sick of the kids on the Net today  :-\

Title: Re: Torrent Sites and Rules!!??? WTF?
Post by: rattmansam on March 04, 2010, 04:22:09 PM
THE world is full of bullshit PIRATE sites. We must keep them at BAY.

Title: Re: Torrent Sites and Rules!!??? WTF?
Post by: Art2Fly on March 09, 2010, 12:05:49 AM
That is why i stick to megaupload for warez sites. megaupload always delivers no matter how many people have the file or if the file is being downloaded by no one else.

Title: Re: Torrent Sites and Rules!!??? WTF?
Post by: twentyfour on April 14, 2010, 03:01:02 AM
@zzk2001,FYI If you had bothered to read the rules in the first place, you would have seen there was already those in place, and most likely been in place longer than this site has existed.

IloveTorrents is now over 5 year old, there isn't one member of upper staff that isnt under 40 and all with an extensive IT background.

You say admins these days are kids, so WTF are you ranting on for? An adult would just take it, ignore and move on.

If you dont like private site rules, stay away from them and stick to public sites.

btw, if you dont know why some private sites dont allow live links, you really shouldn't have your status on here.

Title: Re: Torrent Sites and Rules!!??? WTF?
Post by: Kyla666 (zzk2001) on April 14, 2010, 04:39:22 AM
twentyfour it's clear you did not read or understand what i typed.

the problem was never in me posting a link, the admin showed me my error and i tried to fix it but.. I re-edited my post as i did not want to double post, But even after changing the post and making it NOT a live link, The Admin re-re-edited my post saying not to edit my post LOL then that's when things went bad.

When i say kids i don't really mean ones age, as i don't care how old someone is, It's more on how they act.  Sure we all go off from time to time And i'm sure my little post here is not the Best of who i am but it was done at a time when i was really mad but a lot of it is still true, Some sites are killing them self's with unclear and just dumb rules, Sure i understand having rules but when the rules them self's are killing torrents i get a little upset.